Our design team is formed of architects with 10+ years post graduated UK and international experience. Our key designers have worked as project and leading architect on various types of buildings through the last decade from hotels, logistic centres, office buildings through different scale residential projects to educational, industrial and retail buildings, they also took part several architectural competitions.


We work together closely with a team of highly qualified experts in all stages of the design work. An established team of planning consultants, surveyors, building service and structural engineers, interior and landscape designers help us to bring your project to reality spot on.


We have established working relationship with a nationwide private Building Control company that provides us instant answers in any related questions and flexibility on the construction site.


We work for individual clients, property development companies and also for other architect firms.

Akos Doboczy

MSc Architect RIBA

Founder of AVD Architects

Akos has been a qualified architect for 10+ years and has worked as a project architect on international projects for different practices in London and Budapest before founding AVD Architects. With a focus on sustainable design he can apply his knowledge to both traditional and high-tech solutions.​

He has worked on hotels, office buildings, logistic centres, housing projects and he has taken part in many architecture competitions which include master planning, educational and public buildings.​

He has wide experience in ‘workplace’ architecture, as he has worked on several office buildings from the initial sketches to the completed fit outs. These projects are included approx. 50 000 m2 office area. Akos is interested in the connection of sustainability and architecture and ‘participatory design’ problems.

2012-            AVD architects  &  A9 Architects - Partner
2011 - 2012 Simon Merrony Architects RIBA - Architect
​​2004 - 2010 Obeliszk Studio / Peter Kiss / - Architect
2006 - 2009 University of Pecs - MSc Arch
2000 - 2005 University SZIE-YMMF Ybl / ​Jeno Kapy DLA /

ARB Registration No: ​079919J

​'That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of One.'  ​

The Emerald Tablets of Hermes​